Mint Choc Chip Chilli Ice Cream

October 12, 2018

Mint Choc Chip Chilli Ice Cream


Add an extra dimension to these classic flavours with this simple to make ice cream.


Moruga Scorpion 50mg 
Double Cream 600ml
Condensed Milk 397g can
Plain or Dark Choc Chips 100g
Peppermint Extract 5ml
Vanilla Extract 1 pod
Optional Green Food Colouring  5ml


Add all of the ingredients together in a stand mixer bowl and beat until it becomes quite thick like clotted cream.  This can also be done using an electric whisk. 

Pour into a container suitable for freezing such as a loaf tin and cover with cling film, before placing into the freezer.

Leave overnight so that it becomes solid and ready to serve.